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New Safety Protocols for Travel

Hayley Schultz

Travel and tourism organizations and individual travel suppliers have recently begun to release information describing the steps they have started -- or will start -- to take to address health, hygiene and safety conc

Travel Planning While Quarantining

Hayley Schultz

If your wanderlust is getting the best of you during the stay-at-home orders, it’s probably time to put your travel dreaming to productive use and start taking steps to planning your next trip.

4 Steps to Disinfect Your Airplane Seat

Hayley Schultz

With our newfound mandates to clean and disinfect to stop the spread of coronavirus, travelers have worried about the cleanliness of airline seats.

Celebrate Holidays Aboard a Cruise

Marissa D'Arpino

Enjoying the holidays on a vacation is nothing new to many, but how about celebrating those cheerful days on-board a cruise!

Pack Your Bags Like a Pro

Hayley Schultz

Most people who love to travel, hate to pack (and unpack...ugghhhhh).