Protects electrical, repels moisture & neutralizes salt brine

Save 20% off RustKote for any vehicle

RustKote provides an annual corrosion prevention treatment for vehicles. It is done through its retail dealers throughout Western New York and Canada.

  • Offers product lifts and removes moisture from within doors, fenders and other crevasses
  • The bottom product creeps and sets up an active molecular film that forms a barrier to repel further moisture and neutralizes road brine
  • All products are non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Application is a drip-less approach minimizing mess
  • The formula provides lubrication and protection to all moving parts including electrical connections

AAA Members receive 20% off RustKote for any vehicle when they show their AAA Membership card in-store. AAA Members also receive a life-time price lock on the normal price of their application.