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Save on gasoline & more with NOCO

Discount program options:


  • Save 6¢ per gallon by enrolling in AAA Pay

  • Save 3¢ per gallon on-demand by swiping the AAA Membership card at the pump

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When paying at the pump with a debit or credit card

  1. Swipe your AAA membership card ONCE, and the price per gallon is reduced by 3¢

  2. Swipe your debit or credit card, remove the nozzle, select the grade, and pump your fuel

When paying with cash inside

  1. Swipe your AAA membership card ONCE, and the price per gallon is reduced by 3¢

  2. Select "Pay Inside" and the clerk will authorize the pump. Select grade, and pump your fuel

  3. Pay inside


How to save 6¢ per gallon

  1. Click on the Enroll Now button, and fill out the enrollment application form

  2. Complete the account verification procedure with National Payment Card Association by following the instructions e-mailed to you upon enrolling. Look for the subject line “Payment Card Verification"

  3. Once enrolled, swipe your AAA Membership Card at the pump. The pump will prompt the question “Charge AAA or Friends and Family Card?” Respond “YES” to the prompt, enter your PIN to authorize payment, and the price per gallon automatically reduce by a total of 6¢



No. There is no fee to enroll in AAA Pay. Neither AAA nor National Payment Card Association charges for use of your AAA card. However, your bank may charge fees relating to the ACH withdrawal of money from your checking account. Check with your bank for specific details.

The limits for use of your AAA Pay card are as follows:

  • $75–$100 per transaction (determined by merchant)
  • 4 transactions per day
  • $150 daily amount
  • 10 transactions per week
  • $500 weekly amount

Please call AAA at (800) 836-2582 and we will investigate the problem.

To change your PIN, please call National Payment Card Association at (877) 403-2222. To get a new membership card, please call AAA at (800) 836-2582.

You can order a new AAA Pay card or AAA member card by calling (800) 836-2582.

You can change your PIN by logging into our website at You will need to click on your card number, then select the "Update My PIN" option.

Yes. Simply call National Payment Card Association at (877) 403-2222 to have the additional card added to your AAA Pay account. You will need the entire 16-digit AAA card number that you’d like to add when you call.

National Payment Card Association relies heavily on email communication to all AAA Pay customers. Your email address becomes your login to manage your account with National Payment Card Association. An email address is also required to provide you with the ability to make updates to your account information, review your transactions, and retrieve and/or change your PIN. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate members who don’t have an email address at this time.

The security of your data is very important to us. National Payment Card Association stores all of your banking data. None of your bank information is shared with AAA, or any other third party, and we do not have access to it.

Yes. Our new AAA Pay program requires card numbers to begin with 620 instead of 429, so we have automatically updated all AAA member numbers. Your old and new numbers are linked, so you can still login to My Account with your old number. Since AAA's system still recognizes both numbers, you can still use your old member card to obtain all eligible AAA services and discounts. However, the new card with the new number is required in order to take advantage of the NOCO Express 10¢ discount.

The National Payment Card Association has patent-pending technology that enables you to link your checking account and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) with your payment card, so that you can pay for goods and services at participating businesses.

AAA Pay is unrelated to your debit or credit card—it works like an electronic check, taking payment directly from your checking account. Neither AAA nor National Payment Card Association charges for use of AAA Pay. However, your bank may charge fees relating to the ACH withdrawal of money from your checking account. Check with your bank for specific details.

The National Payment Card Association is a private payment processing company. AAA and NOCO have contracted with National Payment Card to operate AAA Pay. We have entrusted National Payment Card to provide payment services in the same way we rely upon Visa and MasterCard.

We want to provide you with a convenient way of paying for gas at a lesser price, as well as other items inside the store. It is important to recognize that you are issuing an electronic check when you use the AAA Pay card for payment. This is no different than writing a check at the supermarket and being asked to show your driver's license as an ID.

Debit and credit cards are forms of payment that carry large merchant fees from the banking and credit card industry. These charges are transparent to the consumer. However, these charges limit the ability of NOCO to pass rewards directly to you.

When you choose to use AAA Pay, the merchant is able to pass the rewards on to you. Retailers operate on low margins, and a high cost of their operation is the credit card merchant fees. When you use a credit card at the station, the merchant pays about 2% of the amount you spend to the credit card company. That is expensive for the retailer.

  • Direct deposit of payroll, tax refunds, Social Security, and other government benefits.
  • Direct payment of consumer bills such as mortgages, loans, utility bills, and insurance premiums.
  • Business-to-business payments.
  • Electronic checks.
  • E-commerce payments and Federal, state, and local tax payments.

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide network that provides electronic movement of funds for participating banks.

Once you have enrolled, the information that you provided will undergo a validation process. This process takes about 3 business days, depending on how quickly your bank posts the small deposit and withdrawal that is part of the verification process. Once you enroll in AAA Pay, you will receive emails from National Payment Card Services that will notify you of your account status and program details, and let you know when any action is needed on your part, every step of the way.

National Payment Card Association validates your enrolled bank account information to ensure that we have the correct account number by submitting a small deposit and withdrawal to your bank account. This "challenge transaction" is a test to confirm the validity of the account. The enrolled card is not activated until this verification process is completed. You will need to know both values to successfully complete the enrollment process.

With AAA Pay, you can use your AAA Membership Card at the pump AND in the store for purchases at any NOCO Express store. Some of NOCO’s in-store Fresh Food partners (such as Charlie the Butcher Express) may also accept your AAA Membership Card as payment, but that varies by location.

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You should not conduct a transaction if you are aware that you do not have sufficient funds to cover the face amount of the transaction. If you do, the transaction will be returned by your bank and your card will be deactivated until you make good on your purchase. NSF transactions also result in a "Return Fee." National Payment Card Association, or assigned agents, will try to electronically collect the face amount of the transaction and the associated Return Fee on two attempts.

Most banks do not charge for ACH transactions. This is the same method that is currently used for paying mortgage payments, car payments, and any authorized payments from your bank account. It is possible that some banks may charge a monthly fee for such services, so please check with your bank for details. Charges will apply from your bank and from National Payment Card Association if your transaction is returned as NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds). You are responsible for any bank fees associated with using AAA Pay.

No. The User ID (PIN) that you select can be any 4-digit number and does not have to be the same as the current PIN that you use with your ATM card or the Web ID to your bank account. It is important to remember your PIN in order to use your AAA Pay account.

How can I make changes to or inquire about my AAA Pay account?

You can login to their website at, or call them at (877) 403-2222.